After an Arrest: 4 Things to Remember

After an Arrest: 4 Things to Remember

Posted By Salvador Law Group || Jan 20, 2017

Being stopped, questioned, or arrested by law enforcement is not an easy experience. Although there is plenty cause to lose your cool, remaining calm, remembering your rights, and focusing on a few key points can greatly benefit you and your future potential case should charges be levied against you.

Because we work with many individuals who have been arrested and charged with crimes, our criminal defense team sees the same types of mistakes and how they can negatively impact a case. As such, we’ve put together just a few points to remember any time you are detained under suspicion of committing a crime.

  • Don’t Talk to Police – If you remember nothing else, at least remember to NEVER speak to law enforcement. You have the Constitutional right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself – exercise it! Nothing you say or do can help you avoid an arrest, and it can only potentially make things worse. Politely decline to answer questions posed by police and request an attorney.
  • Contact an Attorney ASAP ­– You have the constitutional right to legal representation and you should not hesitate to exercise this right, especially when your freedom and future may be on the line. By getting an experienced defense lawyer involved as soon as possible, you can ensure your rights are protected throughout the process and that there is ample time to create an effective defense strategy.
  • Document Everything – Do your best to make documentation a priority. Record any and all information about your stop, arrest, and any correspondence with law enforcement to cover your bases. This information could prove valuable to your attorney and your future potential case.
  • Understand Your Charges & Options – It is a disservice to yourself to not fully grasp the accusations made against your name, your available defense options, and your right to challenge the government’s case against you. When there are numerous stresses involved or when this is your first encounter with the law, this may be easier said than done. Of course, a qualified lawyer can help you more easily understand your rights and how to secure the best possible resolution.

What you do following an arrest can have a tremendous effect on the outcome of your case. Put yourself into a position to win by contacting a seasoned Phoenix criminal defense lawyer from Salvador Law Group for a free and confidential consultation.

Our attorneys have extensive experience protecting the freedoms and rights of clients charged with crimes throughout Phoenix and other areas of Arizona. No matter the charges you or a loved one are facing, we’re available to help you take the next steps in your defense. Time is important, so act fast.

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