How to Avoid BBQ Accidents This Summer

How to Avoid BBQ Accidents This Summer

Posted By Salvador Law Group || May 10, 2017

Summer weather means it’s time to fire up the grill and invite over your friends and neighbors for a BBQ. It is important to stay safe, though, and many accidents are easily preventable. Learn what you can do to avoid BBQ accidents this summer.

Get Your Grill Ready

Many modern grills use natural gas or liquid propane to power them, but these gasses can cause explosions and fires if they are not carefully controlled. Check your grill over to ensure it’s in good working order before firing it up. Give it a visual inspection, and look for damaged parts, cracks, or other wear that can compromise your grill’s safety. Check for leaks by spraying down your gas lines with soapy water. If bubbles form on your line, it has a leak and needs to be replaced. Inspect your tanks for rust, leaks, and other damage that can lead to dangerous fires or explosions. Be sure to also clean your grill and remove all dust, debris, food residue, and grease from all surfaces.

Starting Your Grill Safely

If your grill has been sitting for a while, it may require some extra care to start it. Leave the lid of the grill open when starting it to prevent gasses from building up under the cover. When you turn on the gas supply, do not wait too long to ignite the grill. Waiting for a few minutes can cause a dangerous buildup of fumes, which can explode when the grill is finally lit. If your grill doesn’t ignite the first try, turn off the gas and wait a few moments for the fumes to dissipate. You may need to clean your gas lines and burners if you are unable to get your grill to light after several tries.

Prevent Burns

Hot grills are dangerous, so it is important to supervise the grill while it is still warm. Don’t let children in the grilling area, and be sure to use tongs, spatulas, and heat-safe mitts to handle food on the grill. If your grill has a burner on the side that you are using, turn pot handles away from the edges to prevent them from being knocked off. You should also turn pot handles away from the edge of the stove in the kitchen, as well. Wait until the grill has completely cooled off before allowing children near it. For charcoal grills, this can be a long time. Safely dispose of used charcoal in a fireproof bin.

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